[LRflex] Re: Camera Choice Advice Sought

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  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 08:44:30 -0500

I would personally not pay the extra premium for a R6.2, the R6 is one half the 
cost !

I've not had an R6.2, but have had 3 R6 bodies at one time or another and did 
not find them to be any more reliable than the electronic bodies. Yes you can 
shoot without batteries, but batteries are cheap and last a long time 
[normally]. The best R body I've ever had was a used R4 which was still going 
strong after 7 years when I traded it. I would probably go for a R7 if you want 
a smaller body to accompany your R8. Or, better still, a good used SL :)
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> Subject: [LRflex] Re: Camera Choice Advice Sought
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> Also, love the process of shooting MF with Hassi but I want a travel camera 
> and long zoom options and a backup body. Rather than go the M8.2 as I 
> originally intended and then have to invest in a M lens line, I am 
> considering a second R8 or R9 body. Yet the R6.2 tempts me because of 
> reputation, size, all mechanical so I can keep it a long time w/o worrying 
> about electronic parts to repair R8 or R9. Do I lose noticeable image quality 
> with a less capable metering, programming system in R6.2 versus R8/9? There 
> is currently a new 6.2 on eBay for $1,700.
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> As Doug mentioned, depending on your preferences, subjects and situations, 
> there is no reason for a manual exposure camera to produce worse images than 
> an R8 or R9.
> The cameras of the R4-R7 series will be lighter than what you now have (I 
> have an R4, which has been very reliable, despite its reputation. The only 
> reason I might upgrade it is to get 1/2000).
> The problem remains that, for a travel camera, the R lenses themselves are 
> bloody heavy!
> So when walking/backpacking long distances, I'll usually take my M6 (the body 
> itself isn't that light, but the lenses are, as well as being tiny) or my 
> Rolleiflex SLR (also has a lineup of very small, light & good lenses).
> For 1700$ you can get lots of camera, including a basic M kit!
> In any case, cameras like the R4 are so cheap now, that if an electronic 
> component does fail, you just get another one (horrible consumerism, yes...)
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