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At 6/20/2009, you wrote:

if you are thinking about adapters, the Canon is the best bet, I currently use the following with full infinity focus (some with AF confirmation).

A Canon body offers a lot more scope for using excellent glass from a number of prominent brands

Leica-R, M42 (Pentax Screw), Contax/Yashica, Tamron Adaptall, T2 and Rollei QBM.

Then Canon EF to EOS with a correction lens for infinity focus, Topcon (short focusing range), M39 (great for using Leica and other rangefinder lenses for macro work). Also available are adapters for Nikon, Minolta, Pentax K, Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Pentax 645 and probably quite a few more.


Kevin, Douglas...

You've almost got it right, Douglas! The various 4/3rds cameras can use all the adapters listed above .. if only by putting a Canon to 4/3rds adapter on the camera, and then using a second adapter to gain access to all the above glass. There is also a wide variety of adapters which will allow infinity focus on a 4/3rds body, which is not possible on many of the other brands, when used on a Canon.

Moreover, when any adapters are used, the auto diaphragm is defeated, meaning manual aperture control. And, of course, Canon suffers a well known exposure problem, when these lenses are stopped down. The 4/3rds bodies do not have this problem.

The Leitax replacement lens mounts allow your Leica glass to be used on a Nikon (simple adapters will not allow infinity focus), and there is no stop-down exposure problems there, either. However, you must buy a fairly pricey mount for each and every lens... instead of a single adapter. Again, the lens loses it's auto-diaphragm function.

So, while it may be "looking back", if you wish a mechanical body, the SL, SL2, R6 & R6.2 are the only ones which allow your Leica lenses to be used as originally intended, with an Auto diaphragm. And, they are very good cameras!

Good luck, in what will be a difficult choice!

David Young
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