[LRflex] Re: Billboards - Take Two

  • From: David Young <dsy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <leicareflex@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 16:23:50 -0700


> David:  What makes a good billboard is different from an art photograph.
> I like the sunset shot the best. As Ted says, right now the flashed
> chair stripes grab your eyes and won't let go.  Maybe you need chairs
> that would look good in silhouette.  But what I really wish is that the
> two guys in the boat were in the sunset scene.  I think the sunset scene
> works best for two reasons:
> * It actually shows Logan Lake, it's not just some generic shot of water
> with no surroundings to identify it. * Sunsets are a cliche, but they're
> a nice cliche.

I agree...  I liked the deck chairs/sunset shot, but not the flash.  So I
swapped it for another similar shot, taken seconds before, without the flash.
It's better, I think,  but still too "dark" for billboard use.

So I went ti the other side of the lake, the other night, and took one more
(Oh, heck ... I took dozens, but the second was the one that did it!) shot, in
the hopes of catching a nice sunset, over the town.

The idea is to convey the tranquility of Logan Lake.  I'm not sure a bench is
as inviting as a deck chair (Bob might disagree!), but the hope is the viewer
will imagine him/her self in the chairs or on the bench, enjoying the sunset.
I think this exposure/saturation etc., better for billboard use than the other
sunset shots.

When you peek, remember that the wording is just a suggestion of where it might
be placed, for the benefit of Council members, who will make the final
decision.  I am merely the photographer, not the graphic artist!

Still, I think this the best of the lot, so far  -- at the bottom of the page.


Your mileage may differ, which is why I'm asking people's opinions, here.

> I put up a shot from Lake Crescent a couple of days ago. Nobody here has
> commented on it, but I keep coming back to it as one of the best shots
> of my vacation. Maybe this kind of "feel" would work for your billboard--

Yes... I like the 'feel" of that shot, too.  But, of course the wrong aspect
ratio for billboard use.

> just get a friend or two into a boat at sunset, and get them in
> silhouette at the right moment.

We may yet do that!!!

Thanks for taking the time to look and comment.


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