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First 747 flight in 1977 to Brazil - wow, we could still smoke at the back then ...

Best experience ever? Airbus A380 from NYC two years ago - silence, utter silence.

Well, most memorable was a jet fighter backseat in the French airforce - Jaguar it was called - required some , let's say stomach ? ;-)

The funniest was when I had another couple of backseats in that one in 1980 - it felt as if your scrotch was about to scrape the strip on landing ...


Which will remind Ted of some experience I bet :-)


Le 7 févr. 16 à 03:51, H&ECummer a écrit :

Hi Jeff and Xavier,
The 747 is still one of my favourite airplanes. I still fly it from time to time on the Hong Kong Vancouver New York route - getting off in Vancouver.
I remember my first flight in one - it was from Panama City to Los Angeles in 1974 - and the Panama airport did not have a high enough jet way to reach the aircraft door
so we all trundled up a rickety portable staircase to get into the cabin and then were amazed at its spaciousness. When I was flying back and forth between Canada and
China I used to mostly fly Cathay Pacific. The airline had a policy of courtesy upgrades for Boeing pilots and engineers who would buy a business class ticket Vancouver to
Hong Kong and then get upgraded to First Class. I rode with a lot of them and we all talked about how good the 747 really was. Certainly it was (and is) one of my favourite airplanes.

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Subject: [LRflex] Airplane at Kai Tak
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Wonderful, dramatic picture.

Had an uncle who was a crash investigator with Pratt & Whitney, the jet engine manufacturer. He maintained the 747 was probably the best passenger aircraft ever made. He used to say it could fly itself, it was so flight crew friendly.

Jeff Glück

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Hi Howard

This is history indeed as the Boing 747 is no longer in use, at least in France, too expensive in kerosen.

But for me it remains the airplane, the big one that carried all my family when I was a kid, back to Europe or back to our home, Africa.

Thanks for sharing.
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Maisons Alfort - France

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Hi Flexers,
Talking about manipulating airplanes here is an un-manipulated image taken in Kowloon in 1998 as Kai Tak Airport was closing down.
<http://gallery.leica-users.org/v/Howard+Cummer/KaiTak1998/KaiTakApproachw.jpg.html >
It was taken on film - and could be improved, I think, by moving the plane to the centreof the buildings but I never did that. Didn�t own photoshop when I made the image.

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