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what would we do with our time without a camera??

especially enjoyed the art in this batch


On Jul 15, 2009, at 5:28 PM, Nathan Wajsman wrote:

Last week I had to go back to Warsaw again, this time for a quick, one-night business trip. I flew up on Wednesday evening, went straight to a shopping mall to buy a new shirt (as the flight attendant had spilled a bottle of red wine on me during the flight), slept in the same hotel where I stayed the previous week, and then took care of the business I needed to take care of on Thursday morning, all of 1/2 hour. The rest of the day, until heading back to the airport in the evening, I had the time to check out some places and neighbourhoods which I had skipped during my earlier trip, chief among them the Pawązki cemetery and the Praga neighbourhood, a curious mix of working class housing and funky art galleries and cafés.

In many ways, I think I like the pictures from this day better than the ones from the previous four-day trip. But judge for yourself:

As always, comments and critique are welcome and appreciated.


Nathan Wajsman
Alicante, Spain


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