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Topics:  Why This Newsletter, LDAP Browser Updates

Issue Contents:

* Why This Newsletter
* LDAP Browser Updates: Coral Directory, Maxware, CodeMerc
* Articles and Comments Welcome
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By Hallett German

Topic: Why This Newsletter

Each day I've confronted with LDAP browser users and data administrators
who do not have the information or tools they need to get their job done.
They ask questions like:

* Which LDAP browser should I use?
* What tool should I use to perform LDAP administration?
* What are some common/uncommon data management issues for LDAP
* Which should I choose -- LDIF or DSML?
* Are there LDAP extensions that I can take advantage of to better
  perform my job?
* When should I consider alternatives to LDAP?

I will try to provide the answers to these questions in an
informative and candid way on at least a monthly basis.

Topic: LDAP Browser Updates: Coral Directory, Maxware, CodeMerc

Recently, I completed a series of articles on LDAP Browsers. (My thanks to
Beth Cohen of Luth Computer Specialists Inc. for being the series editor.)
Below are some updates since the articles were completed:


Release 1.32 was the version that I had reviewed in the article. As
reported, developer Hans Maeda is actively improving this product. The
current stable release is 1.44 and 1.5 is out for those who have the urge
to test betas.

Useful updates include the following:

* BASE 64 display and editing capabilities.
* Transparent access to your web browser for URLs stored in an LDAP record.
* Enabling/disabling operational attributes for each entry.
* Specification of time and size limits for LDAP operations. This is useful
  if you want greater efficiency for search and other operations.
* Double-clicking a connection now starts the connection process -- you no
  longer have to explicitly click the connect button.
* For data administrators, the ability to add a relative distinguished name.
  (Or RDNs. This is the object=value string which make up the distinguished name
   or DN. The DN is used to uniquely identify an LDAP record.)This is in 1.5
* Recent web browser bookmarks now also appear in the LDAP browser. I'm not
  sure if I like the implications of being able to browse while accessing
  or editing my corporate directory.

The release appears to be more stable then when previously reviewed. Some
of the issues that I raised (need for true installer, screen size and
screen scrolling) still need to be addressed.

This browser is ready for use now and will continue to be enhanced for
some time to come.

Coral Directory can be downloaded from:


When I last looked at Directory Explorer, the 4.0 release cost $9.95.
Since then, the product is available as a free download. The current
release is Build 179. There are only minor improvements over the
previous 3.0 release (which is also free). This includes the following:

* Exporting and importing LDAP server configurations.
* Viewer to display Microsoft Exchange Calendar events. It would be nice
  to see this support any ical/vcal supported viewer (the standard for
  calendaring/scheduling events).
* Change the list of objects to display.
* More directory configuration options
* Transparent integration with Outlook XP.
* Easily create an email to be sent to an entire LDAP group. This will
  hopefully not be used by would-be spammers.)

Maxware continues to be a good release for novice users or sites that need
a browser to integrate with Microsoft or other Maxware products. I look
forward to future releases.

You can download Maxware from


Since my review, (which the company used in their product advertising out
of context.) LDAP Search/Director has had two minor releases and is now at

Since a new features list is not provided, it is hard to tell what has been
added. The pink and lime green screens are still there to greet and for some,
annoy us. It appears many (but not all) of the weird windowing hindrances
have gone away. A bind option is now included. A Write All option appears to
be added but there is no explicit information that I could find on what it does
or whether this potentially dangerous feature can be disabled.

LDAP Search/Director continues to be a product that will be invaluable for many
a user. It still persists in having annoying window features (such as a
non-movable options and search options screen) that hamper the product's
usability. Future releases should continue to improve and stabilize this
powerful product.

The software is available for $55 from the following URL:

Topic: Articles and Comments Welcome

I welcome 100-800 word articles for inclusion in future issues. Vendors
and LDAP data administrators are particularly welcome. Of course, you
receive full credit and ownership of your article. Thanks in advance for
your help.

This is the first issue. Please feel free to comment on how useful it
was and what you would like to see in the future. Please contact me at
About Hal German

Hallett German has 20 years experience in a variety of IT positions and in
implementing stable infrastructures. This includes directories/messaging
architecture, deskstop support, and IT management. Hal is the founder of
the Northeast SAS Users Group and former President of the REXX Language
Association.  He is the author of three books on scripting languages.
Periodically, he writes articles on various business and IT

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