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Hi, Thanks for your help. These files definitely have .mp3 extensions. They
play on Winamp without any problem. Also, I can paste them onto my Victor
Stream and they play just fine.
The MP3 player I purchased is called "tiny Tunes" and I purchased it through
Future Aids the Braille Superstore. I'm a bit concerned that it is more
difficult to use than the manual and their advertising indicates.  It is
supposed to be totally accessible, but I don't know.
Thanks again for your help.


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Hi Lori,

Well, I am not familiar with the cdex software you are using to import your
cd's, but usually when someone is referring to "protected" files, they are
referring to music files purchased from the iTunes store for example. I
would be surprised if this cdex software was doing something to "protect"
your mp3 files.

I think the first thing I'd do is confirm that the software is compressing
your music files as mp3 and not something else. Have a look at the file
extensions and see if they play on your computer with Windows Media Player.

If all of that looks good, then maybe you are missing something with the mp3
player. Maybe it is picky about how the files are structured.

Hope this helps,
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I bought an MP3 player, but I'm finding it will not play the mp3 files I
create with cdex from my CD collection. The q&a for the player say that the
mp3 files must be unprotected in order to play.  Does anyone know how to
unprotect mp3 files?

Lori Castner

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