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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 09:17:23 -0700

Hi, Scott,

I did run the full scan with security essentials.  When the scan finished, I
pressed the Home button and the speech said "You are protected".  the speech
did not read "no threats found" as in Windows XP. Is there a way to read the
results of previous scans?
When my computer unexpectedly shut down I received a message from Windows
when I restarted the system, not from Security Essentials.



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Hi Lori,

My gut reaction is to say that you are in the clear. Having received a clean
bill of health from both Security Essentials and Malware Bites, I think
you've performed due diligence. When your computer unexpectedly shut down,
do you know which program informed you about the "unauthorized shutdown?"
Was it a general Windows message that came up upon restarting, or was it
generated by Security Essentials?
If you still feel uncertain about the security of your system, you can run a
complete scan using security essentials. The default scan is a quick scan.
To do this, open security essentials from the start menu or from within the
system tray. Once the program has focus, use tab to locate a set of radio
buttons which will offer you the choices of quick, complete, and custom. Use
up/down arrow to locate complete, then tab to and select the scan button.
Let us know how you fare, or if we can help further.


On 7/19/12, Lori Castner <loralee.castner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is a very quiet list, but I have a question and hope to receive 
> some input.
> I have a PC which runs Windows 7.
> About a month ago, I received an email from UPS which turned out to be 
> spam.
> Because I was expecting an important package shipped by UPS I acted 
> hastily and clicked on the link in the email which said "contact us".  
> This link took me to the UPS website. I did not open the attached supposed
> When I phoned UPS they knew nothing about the email.
> The next day I received a second similar email and phoned UPS again.  
> The agent advised me to forward the emails to fraud.UPS.com.
> Because I had clicked on a link in the first email, I ran a complete 
> virus scan with Microsoft Security essentials and received the status 
> "proptected".
> Several weeks later, my computer suddenly shut down and restarted with 
> the message that an unauthorized shut down had occurred.
> Someone advised me to install "malwarebytes". I installed the free 
> program and scanned the computer; no threats were found.
> Everything seems fine.  Yesterday I ran malwarebytes again with the 
> latest updates and no threats were found.  The same with another full 
> scan with Microsoft Security Essentials. I hear the wstatus 
> "protected", but I do not hear the message "no threats found" as I used to
with Windows XP.
> I still feel anxious because I have read stories of "Trojan horses" 
> lurking and not being seen by virus protection programs; one person 
> said that they had to run their computer in "safe mode" to detect the
> Do you think that I am in fact safe or should I take additional 
> actions to check my computer and if so what actions?
> I do shop a lot online and so am concerned.
> Lori C.

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