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The problem I'm having is that after the page comes up and shows my
operating system, I uncheck the box which offers to install McAfee and enter
on the link which says "Install now", but nothing happens.

Do I need to temporarily close Windows Security Essentials? If so, how do I
do that? I don't see any message on the screen after I enter on the link to


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Yes, both browsers actually use two different flash player installations.
Internet Explorer uses an ActiveX controller for it's flash player add on
while Firefox uses a flash player plugin. This can be seen in the "Programs
and Features" screen. 

I would advise you to open your Firefox browser and navigate to:
get.adobe.com/flash to install. The website will detect your operating
system and browser to install the correct software for you. You will need to
download and run an executable.

The following website can help you verify that flash is working and tell you
which version you have.

Good luck to you,
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Hi, Folks,

I run both I.E. 11 and a version of Fire Fox on my desktop computer with
Windows 7.

I recently updated Flash Player with I.E. 11, but when I attempted to
install the player with Fire Fox it would not install. Fire fox gives me the
message that I do not have flash player. Should I be attempting to install a
second version of Flash Player, or is there some other way to get Flash to
run with Fire Fox?

Thanks for any help.

Lori C.

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