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HI Al:

My name is Joe Chow.  Here are instructions for you to copy your address
book into Outlook from Outlook Express: 


Here's how to back your data (e-mail message) for Outlook Express:


You can back up the data file to a flash drive.




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Welcome to the group. We look forward to your input and insight. The
transfer of messages should be possible. Outlook express folders can be
uploaded to drop box, see this link:




However, it may be necessary to first move the OE messages to Outlook on the
old computer, or install windows live mail on the new system, to make the
transfer possible. Check out this link to an overview of the matter:




Hope this gets you moving in the right direction.


Scott Blanks

Director of Assistive Technology and Computer Services

Lions Center for the Blind

Ph: 510-450-1580 Ext. 263

E: scott_blanks@xxxxxxxxxxxx


2115 Broadway 

Oakland, CA 94612


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Hi listers,


My name is Al Taitague and I live in Fairfield, CA.  I am what I like to
call myself an information junkie.  I am happy to assist anyone on the list
with problems that I may have information on or have experienced in the
past.  But today, I have a question concerning the Drop Box service.  I just
joined and am on their 100Gb plan.  My question involves whether things like
settings that are on an older computer running xp will easily sync if I open
say a Microsoft word 2003 document using an office 2010 version of word.
Will the two different files sync up despite the difference between the
versions of the programs opening them?  Then there are bunch of messages
that I would like to transfer from the computer running xp and using outlook
express to the windows 7 system using outlook2010.  If the folder containing
the folders and messages in outlook express are moved into the drop box
folder will I be able to do such a transfer?  And if I can, how or what is
the simplest way to do this?  Anyway, thanks for any help with the questions
I posed and I look forward to possibly helping others on the list in the
future as well.



Al Taitague Jr.



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