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Try this:

Position the JAWS Cursor on the item you wish to move and press 
CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH. You can leave the JAWS Cursor active, or you can 
switch to the PC Cursor. JAWS will keep speaking as you navigate. Once you have 
positioned the JAWS or PC Cursor in the location to which you would like to 
move the item, press CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH again, and the item will be 
moved to the position of the active cursor.

I will tell you though, if your intention is to move several items, whether 
they are contiguous or noncontiguous, you are likely to have better luck with 

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I'm wondering if anyone KNOWS how to perform the Drag & Drop feature using 
Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reader.

Your aid/assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

Sent From Robin M.

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