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Try this link:


You may be asked to sign in to Amazon first. In addition, after signing in, you 
may need to check a box, indicating you agree to all of Amazon's terms of 
service. Just below that checkbox, you will find an Install link. After 
activating the link, you will need to access the information bar to choose the 
run option for the mp3 downloader. Press alt n, followed by alt R. Your 
computer may prompt you to confirm that you want to proceed. This will be a 
yes/no question. Alt y will keep you moving forward. A simple installation 
process follows: tab to the install button and activate it, the installation 
should complete in just  a few seconds.

Now go back to Amazon, find the music you want to purchase, use the "buy with 
1-click registered" option, and when your purchase is complete, you can choose 
to download to your computer, or listen to it using Cloud Player. On the 
purchase confirmation page, I believe there will be a link called something 
like "download to your computer". After choosing that link, you will again need 
to press alt n for the information bar, and alt O to open the mp3 files. They 
will be downloaded to your computer, and stored in the Amazon Mp3 subfolder of 
your music folder.

Let us know how you fare,
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My name is kayanda eddings.

I have a question.  My question is, this.  I have an amazon downloader 
installer on my computer.  And, I'd like to know how to I update my amazon MP3 

I'd like some help with that please.


Kayanda eddings

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