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04-04-2014--ED's OSHS PREVENTION NEWS DIGEST-Vol. 9 No. 12


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   April 4, 2014  |  Sign
receive *Prevention
News Digest* U.S. Department of Education, OESE/OSHS is Seeking Qualified
Peer Reviewers for FY 2014 Grant Competitions

The Office of Safe and Healthy Students (OSHS) is seeking qualified peer
reviewers to read and evaluate discretionary grant proposals for the
following FY 2014 grant competitions:

Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program

Project Prevent Grant Program

Grants to SEAs for Emergency Management

School Climate Transformation Grant Program

For OSHS discretionary grant competitions, a background in one or more of
the following content areas is particularly helpful: alcohol, tobacco, and
other drug prevention; character education and civic education; state
education and/or local education agency-level school emergency management
and disaster response and/or school safety and security; physical education
and school nutrition, school counseling and mental health; violence
prevention, and school climate improvement; multi-tiered behavioral
frameworks such as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS),
and/or significant experience working at the elementary and secondary
educational levels. Peer reviewers may be required to review and evaluate
the evidenced-based practice and programs grant applicants proposed to
implement school-based programs in the above mentioned content areas.

The OSHS Grant Application Peer Review Process is designed to ensure that
each discretionary grant is awarded on the basis of how well the evaluation
selection criteria are responded to.  Therefore, we rely on qualified,
external peer reviewers to critically evaluate all submitted grant
applications to ensure we receive objective and independent ratings.  Each
year we assemble panels of educators, policymakers, and experts to
participate in our peer review process.  We would like your assistance in
identifying possible candidates for consideration, or for registering to be

The peer review process consists of an orientation, evaluation and scoring
of applications consistent with established selection criteria, written
reviews of each application to support the scores, and discussions with
other panelists.  The review process for each program is conducted
electronically via the Internet, eliminating the need for any travel to
Washington, D.C.  Each peer reviewer is expected to commit approximately
35-40 hours to complete a review of applications on schedule.  They are
expected to review 10-12 applications assigned to their panel and
participate in three conference calls.  The time for each review is
generally compressed, reviewers can have as little as two weeks, meaning
that the commitment can be very intense.

Reviewers will receive an honorarium after completion of required work
assigned to them and submission of mandatory forms.  Persons interested in
serving as peer reviewers may apply at any time.

The following are essential in what we seek in peer reviewers and should be
noted when applying:

-proficient communication ability;

-access to the internet, a phone, and a printer, and the ability to
interact in a web-based environment;

-superior analytical skills, including the ability to provide thoughtful,
objective evaluations of proposals using the designated selection criteria;

-relevant education, training, and/or experience in the subject area of the
grant program, and knowledge of related evidenced-based programs and

-knowledge of and/or experience with program planning, implementation,
and/or research and evaluation processes;

-ability to work collegially with others in a team environment, and meeting
established deadlines; and

-experience working with diverse communities.

ED solicits reviewers without regard to race, color, national origin,
gender, age or disability. Also, please be aware that participation in the
peer review process will require reviewers to determine if they have a
conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict, in reviewing
assigned grant applications.  A peer reviewer is considered to have a
conflict of interest when the reviewer, or certain individuals and entities
with which the reviewer has a relationship, has a financial interest in the
outcome of the competition for which he/she is serving as a reviewer..

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please register, provide
your background information, and upload your most recent resume at
www.g5.gov.  This will allow your information to be available to other
offices in the Department that are searching for reviewers.  If you have
trouble registering, you may contact the G5 Help Desk for assistance.
Their contact information is located on the G5 login screen.

For further information about the review process or how to apply to be a
peer reviewer, please contact Christine Pinckney at

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  National Healthy Schools Day

The Healthy Schools Network would like to remind you that the 12th annual
National Healthy Schools Day is coming up on April 8, the Tuesday of
American Public Health Association's  (APHA) National Public Health

They have again partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) and APHA and many other groups to advance healthy
school environments, a component of CDC's old and new coordinated school
health model.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) is releasing
updated information regarding mercury in schools, and EPA is hosting a
webinar, among other activities.

For free tools for local/state activities, see

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  Center for Green Schools Releases National Action Plan for Educating for

The Center for Green Schools at the US Green Building Council launched the
National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability. The Plan brings
together the leading minds on environmental education, committing to a
series of actions to ensure that, by 2040, every student graduating from a
U.S. PK-12 school will be equipped to shape a more sustainable future.  The
report looks at such key areas as teacher preparation, curriculum,
professional development, student assessment, education leadership, policy
and research to provide a concrete action plan for how Education for
Sustainability can be used to provide higher quality education for all.

For more information visit

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  Voices for Healthy Kids Competitive Foods Toolkit Available

The Voices for Healthy Kids team, are excited to share the toolkit on
school foods entitled "Make Food Choices an Easy 'A'."  To receive access
to the toolkit, click

This toolkit is a compilation of facts, sample materials, and guidance on
how to build, engage, and mobilize a social change movement in your state
or community on this critical issue.  The toolkit is wrapped together by a
unique theme designed to maximize interest and action on schools foods.
Together with a collection of parallel toolkits on other proven social
change strategies to help kids live more active, healthful lives, we want
to help focus and energize advocates around the country.

This toolkit is for you to use and share.  Just as important, we want to
hear back from you.  We consider our toolkits to be dynamic documents.  We
want to update, improve, and add to them based on the insights and lessons
in the field.  Please share back with us your comments for the next

Voices for Healthy Kids is a collaboration between the American Heart
Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched in February
2013.  Together with a diverse array of partners, we are working to engage,
organize and mobilize advocates to improve the health of their communities
and reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.  There are now more than
one-in- three children and teens in the U.S. who are overweight or obese.
Voices for Healthy Kids is focused on advocating for policy and social
change at the community, state, and federal levels in order to help young
people eat healthier foods and be more active.  Find out more at

If you want to learn more about Voices for Healthy Kids, we have many
opportunities to share resources, to get involved in advocacy efforts at
the state and local level as well as join us in support of reversing youth
obesity through policy and advocacy efforts. For more information, please
email us at voicesforhealthykids@xxxxxxxxx

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  Webinar & Twitter Chat- Youth Violence Prevention

Violence is a major issue facing youth, and it comes in many different
forms. For Youth Violence Prevention week, the Children's Safety Network is
hosting a webinar  on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 2:00 pm ET, featuring Howard
Spivak, Director, Division of Violence Prevention at the CDC. Dr. Spivak
will be joined by Sarah Bacon, Lead Behavioral Scientist for CDC's National
Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention. The webinar will
provide an overview of the magnitude and burden of youth violence and how
CDC is addressing current challenges in the public health approach to youth
violence. Effective existing prevention strategies will be explored, as
will directions for expanding the evidence for population-level impact. The
webinar will close with a discussion of the ongoing work across federal
agencies to streamline efforts and bring effective violence prevention to a
national scale.

Learning Objectives:

*  Understand the magnitude of youth violence across different demographic

*  Understand key evidence-based youth violence prevention strategies

*  Understand new directions for moving the science and practice of youth
violence prevention forward

*   Understand how ongoing collaborations across Federal agencies will lead
to more effective prevention efforts

About the Twitter Chat:

Immediately following the webinar, CSN (@ChildrensSafety) and the CDC
(@CDCInjury) will host a one hour Twitter chat which will highlight the
magnitude, prevention strategies, tools and frequently asked questions
about youth violence and its prevention. Join the conversation by following
#YouthViolence on April 7th from 3-4pm EDT.  Register

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availability of information from a variety of sources does not constitute
and should not be considered as an endorsement of those sources by the U.S.
Department of Education.   We hope that you find this information to be

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