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Thank you Mz Brooke.

FYI to everyone on the list, if anyone needs help in applying, Brooke
Lattimore of The Health and Wellness Center has provided contact
information for one of their staff trained to help folks enroll.

Pass the word.

Thanks again Brooke.


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Subject: FW: [lcc4hl] Affordable Care Act
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Please feel free to share our Certified Application Counselor's contact
information should anyone need assistance.

Connie Olcott


(479) 763-8007

Brooke Lattimore, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Health & Wellness Center, Inc.


(918) 967-4560 (administrative office)

(918) 967-4582 (administrative fax)

(918) 431-2937 (iPhone®)


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Good morning

Just as a reminder, and regardless of your opinion on the ACA, March 31st
is the last date to enroll for this year (as I understand it).  If you know
anyone in need of insurance encourage them or help them if you can, to
enroll before the deadline.

Have a good week.


36 & counting

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