[lbcall] An Unforgettable Thing In Childhood

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An Unforgettable Thing In Childhood
One day of last month, there is power failure of our school, so my roommates 
and I couldn’t study in the classroom. We were so happy that went back to the 
dormitory and had a long chat. When we talked about the experiences which 
happened in childhood, all of us were excited, because everyone had a lot of 
pleasant memories of childhood. When it was my turn to tell a story, I told 
them a thing Which made me fear in my childhood.
     When I was six years old, one day, I went out to play with my friend. We 
arrived at a small garden near our home, and then played beside a fountain. We 
were so mischievous that climbed 
up the low railings around the fountain. While we were talking about some funny 
things, I climbed over the railings. But when I try to stand on the inside edge 
of the fountain, I didn’t step steadily. Suddenly I fell into the pool, and I 
couldn’t swim. At the instant I couldn’t think of anything. After I drunk one 
mouthful of water, I held my breath at once. It’s fortunately that I floated 
on water immediately, so I gasped the edge tightly. Then my friend tried her 
best to drag me out of the water. We were panicked at what just happed.
     I hadn’t remembered more of the details of this experiences today, but I 
can’t forget this thing forever, because I was so frightened at the moment. 
It’s luck there was fight but not danger finally.
  Having listened to my story, all my roommates said that it’s hardly believe 
that I was a mischievous girl in childhood.

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