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  • Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 16:46:25 +0100

No I'm sorry I have to disagree with that, my board is the same as yours
in its revision type and its pants.

IDE channels - not enough of them
Sensors - Pants, about 4.5 / 6 degrees out

Just big Y fronts man all round, its put me off buying another ABIT
board, and I will look to all other manufacturers before going back to

But hey that?s my opinion, maybe I just got a crap one.  But hey wait a
minute ... my BP6 was bloomers too.  MMmmm ABIT - 'Y'Frnts.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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kt7a will take xp chips

you dont need 1.3 rev.
It reports them as MP chips

KT7a roxs!!!!

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Awww man Doom3 looks sweet man, really sweet!

Cant wait for that to come out, gonna have to get a better graphics
board but never mind.

Anyone know when the successor of the Radeon 8500 is coming out?  I know
there has been talk of it but I cant remember the name off hand.  Wonder
how many fun tokens that will set me back.

Oh by the way (clears throat) I scored a BARGAIN the other day, I found
an Athlon XP1900+ chip for sale in Micromart.  Mmm odd, I'm sure that
says £100 you know.  And yes friends indeed it was £100, and I'm the new
owner :)  Now all I'm gonna have to buy is a decent motherboard (anyone
have any ideas?), because I think putting it on my KT7A (if it would
fit) is a bit of an insult I think.  It was one of the most raved about
boards, in short its just BO****KS Man.  Possibly the worst purchase I
have made ever, so far.

Anyway, anyone got any feedback for the questions above?  Oh yeah and
when is this Table making / microLAN thing, I must have deleted the
original Email.


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