[lanse] does anyone know?

  • From: "Chris W" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 11:36:50 +0100

BTW, Does anyone know of another LAN where you get a B&B thrown in for the
price?? Can we claim exclusivity? ;)


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> Subject: [lanse] it's a bit quite in here...so make some ca$h!
> As it's quiet here's something for you all to think about..! ;)
> We've decided to try and run an affiliate scheme for LAN-Speed.
> Basically,
> the deal will be this.  Place a banner/button/link on your site
> to ours and
> anyone you send to our site who later signs up to come to the LAN
> (and pays
> their deposit) we'll pay you ?2.  Easy as that!  It even works if
> they come
> back another day.
> If you're interested, and lets face it, if you're an IT person it's easy
> money, drop me an email on chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I'll set you up a tag
> so the site recognises it's you sending the hits.
> Oh, and don't forget - the next LAN is 2nd-4th August at our West London
> venue (10 mins from LANSE on the M40 towards London).  All the
> stuff a good
> LAN needs plus a bed for the night and caterers all weekend (ask
> Kerr about
> the food!)  Details (and photos of the last event) on the webby as usual -
> www.LAN-Speed.co.uk
> Cheers, Chris @ LAN-Speed

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