[lanse] Re: Wireless networking

  • From: "Michael Knowles" <Michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:46:02 +0100

> Guys, just found this site
> http://www.xtreme.com.au/
> ..and it got me thinking.  What with the lack of broadband I'd be
> interested in setting up something similar.  Anyone else in the area
> interested? As this is the LANSE list I assume most of you live around
> here.  I'm in Denham which is over the A40 from Uxbridge (just inside M25
> at M40 junction).  The site above claims they're acheiving 12.5km around
> an access point which should give reasonable coverage even with only one
> node.
> Any comments? Suggestions? Ideas?
> Chris

Chris, i'm already getting my broadband through Tele2
(http://www.tele2.co.uk).  It's very good but this technology looks like a
bastardisation of 802.11b though, which has already been done by some guys
in the USA, and is quite the norm for people in apartment blocks in the US

One comment I would make is that all of the 802.11b kit that I have seen
reviewed (and I had the displeasure of reviewing some of the 802.11 2mb
versions as well) all said that they worked fine with one or two clients,
but as soon as contention got above that you were spending more time sorting
out the contention in the network than actually pushing through the data.
This obviously bodes badly for gaming!

(incidentally, Tele2's broadband is based on a totally different spectrum
and is fine for gaming, i'm regularly getting low 30ms ping to Barrysworld
and Jolt)

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