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ive just handed my delta fan over to You.
They are noisey but it may be needed in this case.

I also suggest reseating the cpu with a very small amount of gunk.
Ive heard good things about artic silver, certainly worth a try.

If its stable try dropping the voltage a bit. also check the temp at =
default clock.
Really you should be max 50-55 on those axia chips, although your right =
AMD say they can got much  much higher.=20
Try running 1.33 not 1.4 . I can rip the audio on dvds at 1.4 , Remember =
overclocking to 1.4 is 40% beyond orginal speed.

you could also go for the hole in side mod:) basically cut a hole and =
mount a fan over the cpu sucking air in to the top of the existing cpu =


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I have recently been playing with my machine a bit more then normal, =
it running pretty much constantly even when I=92m at work (VPN dial in

Because I have been around my machine more than normal I have noticed
something that I find quite strange.  Heat comes with overclocking, we =
know that.  My machine is nothing earth breaking, just a 1Ghz Axia =
=91Y=92 T=92
Bird clocked to 1.4 topped with the best (at the time) thermo-engine
availiable.  The case is spacious enough, and every available fan =
inside is fitted with 80mm YS Tech fans.  The attached picture shows =
the configuration of the case.

The machine idle=92s in windows at around 50 degrees, which I=92m not =
sure is
good or bad.  I only know that 70 is breaking point, and that I don=92t =
need to worry until about 62.  I have noticed now however, because my =
makes the CPU usage 100% all the time, that the CPU runs about 57 =
reaching 58.  When the machine is under FULL load it is normally running
like that for 8+ hours without ANY break.  This difference is small you
might say for the conditions =91m putting it in, an 8 degree rise for =
FULL load isn=92t bad.  Well that=92s just it, is it bad or not.  It =
pretty hot to me for the amount of fans that are in the case, at a count
there are 8 fans in there all working together (some sucking, some =
even a fan directly sucking air off the CPU out the case.

So, what I=92m asking is this.  Firstly what temp should it be running =
Both under FULL load and idle.  And secondly can anyone suggest any =
I might use to get the temp down a bit, would making the fan by the =
blow across the heat sink be a better idea?  Anything really would be
appreciated. Really at the moment I=92m just worried about leaving my =
running while I=92m at work, it has motherboard monitor installed and
configured to monitor everything it can in the case.  It is also set to
forcefully shut the machine down should the temperature get to 70 =
it does this in about 6 seconds!  All this considered I still don=92t =
want my
machine to go pop and die so information would put my mind at ease.



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