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Hi Guys, 
Sorry for the shameless plug to the list. . . . . . 
Well. . . we gotta get the discussion going again  ;-)
Chris. . . have you done a news posteee type thing? & please can u post a
little bit o feedback in the forums for me .

www.lanse.co.uk - LAN Parties in the South East of England - October update.


Signup for the November LAN
up/signups.php?event_id=2&new=yes> HERE

(8th - 10th November 2002)


Hi Guys, 


Welcome to the LANSE October news letter.


First of all I'd like to thank all of you who came to the July LAN, who made
it such a great event. Most of you who went have posted your feedback in our
iewtopic.php?t=124> here, if you haven't done so, please can you drop a few
lines down for me.


Kerr assures me that all the pictures from that event will be up by the end
of the week. If you have some pics from July, please can you mail me them
<mailto:(jason@xxxxxxxxxxx>  <mailto:(jason@xxxxxxxxxxx>


We have set the dates for the beginning of 2003, the dates are:


31st Jan - 2nd Feb 2003


28th - 30th March 2003


You are now able to signup for both of these LAN's on the web.


Winner of BlackNova traders decided!


The winner of BlackNova traders is LEMBIT. He has a week to collect his
prize - free entry to  LANSE 12! If he doesn't want the prize, it will go to
the next person in rank until someone else does.


The BlackNova traders game will be reset on the 18th of October. The next
game will be faster - to make life more interesting. You can get some
practice in on the existing game before the reset:


> www.lanse.co.uk/bnt_4.1



Price Drop!


As of LANSE 12 (November LAN), the number of people requited to get a group
discount has dropped to 4 (from 5) - this should make it easier for you to
get a group together & save money!


Depending on the financial situation, we will be reviewing our prices for
single players in the new year (ready for the January LAN). If my
calculations are correct, we will be dropping the price by £5.00 across the
board - and scrapping the one day admittance (and 2 day for groups) so the
price will then become £20.00 for single players & £15.00 for groups for the
full weekend.


Prizes @ the November LAN!


We will be offering some GAME vouchers as tournament prizes for the next LAN
- sadly I have no sponsorship confirmed at the moment, so the prizes will be
out of my own pocket. Hopefully EnergyPimps will provide some prizes too. .


We will be giving prizes for 2 events - 1942 6v6 (or whatever number best
fits) & UT2003 last man standing.



LANSE IRC channel


We now have our own IRC channel, it's #lanse on quakenet. There are normally
5 or 6 of us in there at peak times. pop in & say hi!



Games you MUST play!


There are currently 3 games around at the moment that I simply can't put
down. . . . 


Battle Field 1942.


This is a true Second World War sim, in which you can control any moving
thing you would normally expect in a WW2 battle. There are jeeps, tanks,
APC's, fighters, bombers, aircraft carriers, destroyers, subs - all of which
you can control & destroy  - not to mention the 4 infantry classes you can
choose from, or the 3 types of gun turrets you can jump into.


The Maps are massive - hosting up-to 64 players at anyone time.


I really recommend this game to anyone who plays multiplayer games


Unreal Tournament 2003


At first glance, to be honest I thought the game was just like UT but with
nicer graphics. Now after playing the game for a while on a LAN, I'm really
getting into it. There is so much more functionality built into the game.
The maps are great. And the physics engine feels just right. Of course there
is going to be the Q4 Vs UT2003 debate when Q4 shows it's face, but until
then UT2003 is the finest 1st person shoot-em-up. (I'm not comparing it to
1942 BTW - it's a totally different game!)


Warcraft 3


I've always liked RTS games, I've been playing them since C&C (unless u
count Elite?). Warcraft 3 has to be the best looking RTS game, with a
gripping story & excellent characters. The visual effects are stunning, the
controls are simple - yet functional. I really like the inclusion of a "lead
character" which follows you throughout the game, which you can upgrade
skills & give magical objects to carry to help boost fighting ability. The
single player missions are. . . well. . . easy (but good none the less) But
it's Multiplayer when the game comes into it's own. Battling against skilled
human players gets very tricky. . . . 




Well, that's about it from me - Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Hopefully see you in November!





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