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Exellent Khan!
Im adding stuff about power tonight!

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Hello guys,

                My name is Khan from UKLans.com, I=92ve posted here
before, we discussed the benefit a LANParty FAQ sort of thing would have
on the LANParty community. After hours of development time I have a beta
version of a LANParty Knowledge Base up and running.=20

I need to see how the system works and how to improve it before it goes
live to the public, that=92s where I need your help! I need a couple of
guys to add to the Knowledge Base and give me feedback, what would
people like to see etc=20

When the beta testers and I are happy with what we have we can start to
promote and circulate the Knowledge Base.

 HYPERLINK "http://www.uklans.com/lanfaq"; http://www.uklans.com/lanfaq

What does everyone think, let me know SYMBOL 74 \f "Wingdings" \s 10


 HYPERLINK "http://www.uklans.com"; http://www.uklans.com

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