[lanse] Re: Intranet fileplanet script

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  • Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 09:22:22 +0100

I was using Win2K advanced server.  It was only a 200Mhz PII box with 256Mb
RAM and the load-balancing is built-in (....which was nice).  It also gave
you the ability to run a WINS/DNS/DHCP server without much thought.

Actually, with 2 network cards the drive array becomes a bottleneck and it
does as well if you go up to a single FDDI card so there's not THAT much
free capacity on the drive array.  This is why I RAID 10'd the drive array
(as well as because most of the operations were file GETs).

Incidentally, you may want to try a round-robin DNS to load-balance the
Apache requests.  That's the simplest way of doing it.


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> Ive been to some lans where the fileserver is one of the games =
> machines:(
> Its important to use a seperate dedicated machine for this stuff. If you =
> use linux it doesnt really need to be amazingly powerful either. Thw =
> lanse webbox is a 300Mhz with only 64M ram.
> The networkcardbandwidth runs ot of steam long before the cpu/disk io.  =
> I may try dual cards next time.
> Anyone know how to configure apache to load balance 2 cards ?

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