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Hello Jason .
I do think that 1942 is spiffing game as is the  landaddy fragland server. 
Passworded with fragit and no lag what so ever! 
Ive noticed many new  jolly nice games apearing recently, and I whole heartedly 
recommend a super new game called Empire Earth.
Its all the varous ages of man as in stone age, copper age, bronze age, dark 
ages, middle ages, renaissance, imperial, industrial, world war 1, world war 2 
upto todays warfair, eventually leading to the digital age and nano age.
oh to be 12 again.
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Hey Jason 1942 that new landaddy fragland servers wicked fraGland. Thelandaddy 
password fragit no lag what so ever and a lot of games  have come out and I 
have a game called empire earth its about all these ages  and u get to be stone 
age copper age bronze age dark ages and middle ages and renaissance and 
imperial industrial and world war 1 and world war 2 and todays war stuff then 
digital age and nano age.
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Hi all
Had a good holiday, am now back!
What's been going on?


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