[lanse] Re: Best OS for gaming

  • From: "Michael Knowles" <Michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 20:03:35 +0100

> I have a router and ISDN access (ADSL got taken away for a violation or
> summit :( )

By whom? your ISP or BT?  If it's your ISP, change your ISP (I wouldn't use
OpenWoe for ADSL anyway).  Check out Eclipse (www.eclipse.co.uk) or Pipex
(www.pipex.com) for better alternatives.

>and I cannot get any port 80 access on one machine. Not the
> router, it is deffo the machine.

How are you sure?

What is the topology of your LAN?

Possible answers:

1) You've stuck a PAT port forward to a specific machine on the router
2) Your DNS is wrong (only applicable obviously if you're using a real name
rather than IP)
3) You have IP filtering enabled on the specific box (check the network
connection advanced properties
4) You have other services using port 80 on that machine

>I have no firewalls running. Ive tried
> all of the standard stuff (renewal of IP) and different cards and
> re-installing XP and still no joy.

Ah, possibly scratch #3 if you've reinstalled.


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