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  • Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:57:09 +0100

It depends really on the hardware on the machines.
Run the XP checking util and read up on issues related to the Hardware on
the machines for each os.
For example Voodoo5s have serious issues with XP.
2000 is suposed to be slower than xp or 98se for actuall gaming, I prob
sacrfice a little performace for haveing a better featured os.
XP would be the the best choice if your hardware is well suported. Ive
installed Xp on a few machines now and found very few issues.
win98se is supposed to be the fastest os for games (for the moment) but it
certianly is less forgiving understress.
Ive over come compatiblity issues with xp pretty easily (motorhead springs
to mind) so i dont think compatiblity with games is an issue.

I have to say , i thought i had to much pc crap but youve seriusly out done
When we talk about needing bigger boats...youve got a fleet! :)


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> Hey all
> Well it has been very quiet on here so far, so here goes with the first
> post.
> I'm in the process of reinstalling all my machines here. I have three
> desktop PCs (two in my study and one downstairs) and my laptop. At
> present these all run WinXP Pro, except for the laptop with runs WinXP
> Home. I also have three servers (1 file server, 2 games servers) all
> running Win2K Server.
> The servers are staying as is, but for the desktop PCs I have the choice
> of Win98 2nd Edition, Win2k Pro or WinXP Pro. The trouble is I can't
> decide which is the best for gaming. All three machines are used
> extensively for gaming as I often run mini-LANs here at home (one is a
> dual P3 1Ghz, one is an AthlonXP 1800+, the third a Celeron 1Ghz. The
> laptop is a P3 933).
> So any suggestions on which I should go for and why? I've pretty much
> ruled out Win98 as I do think it is dire, and won't support dual
> processor machines - but I have it there as an option. The real choices
> are 2K or XP, but I just can't make my mind up.
> Chris

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