[lanse] Barrysworld launch subscription service...

  • From: "Chris Green" <cgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 11:29:19 +0000 GMT

...£24 a year, or £12 a year if you have a Game loyalty card.

Not sure if its a GoodThing(TM) but as I have a Game card I have paid up my £12.

Subscription service gives you all the features of the new cutdown free service 
plus extras now only available to subscribers:

Basic Free Membership
Create Players and Teams and use our recruitment service
Join and play in our Leagues
Play on our Bookable servers (not book though)
Access the BarryServers Clan Servers pages
Access most of our website and associated sites, including our Gaming News
Speed Limited (max 12kb/sec) & number of clients limited access to our FTP 
Existing customers can keep their @barrysworld.com email address for free

Full Subscriber Membership
Access to our huge array of ?Public? Game Servers.
Booking time on our Bookable servers
Faster access (64kb/sec) to our FTP server via ftp.barrysworld.com 
Special FTP server for customers whose ISP directly peers with us.
ukftp.barrysworld.com has a speed limit of 512kb/sec!
A BarrysWorld Email address, accessible via POP3 or via our webmail
BarryBar, our purpose built IE toolbar including unrestricted use of
BarryBrowser, our web based server browser and BarryLobby, our Peer to Peer
gaming client

Free extras for Subscribers
Web Hosting

Single web address
20Mb disk space
3 GByte bandwidth a month (100MB a day)
1 MySQL database, stored within their quota limit of 20Mb and managed only
by PHPMyAdmin
SSI Support
PHP (Version 4 only)
FTP only access to your hosting space
Personal Forums (coming soon)

Full details and a simple subscription signup page are here:

Chris Green

BlackBerry Wireless Email!

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