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  • From: "Mat Thomas" <Phiebs@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 01:42:16 +0100


Anyone out there who wants ADSL/a broadband connection but lives out in
the sticks? Can't be bothered to wait?
Check this out:
It is a 2-way satellite system providing the speed of broadband but
ANYWHERE in the UK can receive it!

It is a neat idea, but you may want to hang on that bit longer due to
the expense (especially the set-up fee's)

=A3899.00 for set-up and equipment, then a further =A359.99 per month.

If you can afford it then it's a great choice for you
downloaders/web-server operators.=20

N.b. - this has a catch - although there is a high bandwidth, there is a
lot of latency and so it is completely unsuitable for games.

Oh well,

Just to keep you all in touch!


Mat Thomas (Phiebs)

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