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We used Pizza to bribe the Door men into letting us in for free, they
haggled for a bottle of Pepsi Max and a Sarah Lee apple family apple pie
too.  Hard men to do business with.
Some true facts though.
Only 1 person made it in over the wall this year.
Approx 100 people who couldn’t get tickets stormed the gates on Saturday
morning, they failed.
1 person, who appeared to a police constable to have been the injured
party in a scuffle outside the gates managed to swing his fortunate
situation to his advantage.  He was in fact about to mug the other
individual involved for his ticket, but he received a punch in self
defence.  That punch was seen, and when dragged apart the mugger claimed
the other had just stolen his ticket, and was let in!
and finally …
A first ever, this year one person was actually murdered in the car park
for their ticket.  
James Elliott (MCP
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you never mentiond coldplay.
saw them on the tv ... ROCKED! 
My neibours must have been lookout for a 9 foot steel fence round my
Turned it up loud!
BTW how did you get over ;)
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Okay the rubbing in bit first …
I’d like you all to know what a completely flippin’ mental weekend you
all missed by opting to stay at home, and not sleeping on the cold
ground in a leaking tent.  
Tent or no tent though this year, you couldn’t stay in them during the
day ‘cause it was too damn hot.  And you didn’t have to sleep in them at
night ‘cause it was still warm enough to pass out without worrying about
becoming a human ice cube.
Did I get hammered? … (snigger) … Oh yes!
Did I get to see Faithless, Orbital, No Doubt, Jools Holland, Roger
Waters (Pink Floyd)? … Yeah man, all of the above ‘n’ more!
Did Rolf Harris (respect, he’s the best) pull a bigger crowd than
Faithless ‘n’ Orbital put together? … Actually he did!  And it’s the
biggest laugh and entertainment filled show I’ve ever seen.  Nearly
10,000 people I heard, but I don’t know the amount for sure.
Were the Toilets bad? … Oh my god, you have no idea of the atrocities I
have seen.  Well not unless you’ve pumped 100,000 peoples waste out of a
6 foot box for 4 days.
Anyway, it was cool, it rocked, and I spent the entire time stumbling
around in true festie style.
I have a quick ask of anyone that can help me, Does anyone own any GOOD
music packages that they could do me a copy of?  I’ll send you a CD or
whatever but my Music 2000 is a bit dated and I want sommin’ better.
Anyone who can help, I’d love to hear from you.
James Elliott (MCP
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