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Hi Khan,

Thankfully I got a full amount of outplacement when I was dumped by Nortel, so
I can explain a few things to you:

1) Agencies only account for 7% of jobs achieved by people
2) Adverts and speculative applications account for 30% roughly
3) The other 70% ish is taken up by your personal network of friends etc - e.g.
jobs for the boys.  This is one of the reasons why i've been pestering you guys
about jobs etc.
4) You shouldn't be looking for your friends/contacts to take your CV, but to
provide you with contacts that you can do the approach yourself.  This
dramatically widens your reach.
5) The job market is picking up - you're lucky.  I've had 4-5 interviews last
month, when I averaged one a month since Jan.

That should give you a little head start.  I'm also available for CV re-writing
for £50 a pop.

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  Hello everyone,

                          I am currently looking for a new job… very very
stressful :). I am a web designer/developer and I am not having much luck with
on-line agencies, what experiences have other people had, what do other

  Thanks in advanced,


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