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In my immediate experience all agencies are shite, I’m registered with
Reed, Index, Capita, and about several other places all specialising in
IT jobs and they haven’t turned up one interview yet.
All the companies aren’t using agencies at the moment because they have
to pay commission to them, and they can’t afford to do that at the
moment.  Sounds like an excuse they made up for being crap really.
I get Computer Weekly, Basingstoke Gazette, Reading Chronicle, Bracknell
News, Camberley News, Surrey Advertiser.  They all have really big job
sections in them, and most of them aren’t bad.  I’m also registered with
every job site on the internet that you ever heard of, and still
It’s bleak out there at the moment man trust me, I know!
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i've always used reed  www.reed.co.uk
They seem to look harder than most.
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Hello everyone,
                        I am currently looking for a new job... very
very stressful :). I am a web designer/developer and I am not having
much luck with on-line agencies, what experiences have other people had,
what do other suggest.
Thanks in advanced,
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