[lanse] Re: A Question i cant fathom

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  • Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 09:51:36 +0100

Have you pointed the exchange sever to use "demon" to dial out to the
outside world?

Can you mail internally?


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Have you correctly configured DNS?

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> All,
> Picture this okay, cause its worth money to me to fix it. Ta
> Server running exchange
> ISDN Modem
> Router
> Demon mail server
> Kerr, just like you have at petards.
> Now these guys are BAD with computers okay, we're talking open router 
> onto a permanete web connection with no virus software on any machine 
> and oh yeah "Fire.. What?" FIREWALL!!!!
> When I started this morning, I got virus alerts everywhere.  Spent 
> half the day sorting that out for them and cleaning up.  The main 
> problem is this
> The server runs Exchange 5.5, until I got there this morning they had 
> no company email getting in, and because of the w32.klez H@mm virus 
> they had 10000 outgoing messages not going anywhere.
> First thoughts is that the EX server was being used by people over the 
> internet to handle or route their mail.
> I managed to get rid of the 10000 messages, that was hard as the 
> Microsoft exchange button marked DELETE didn't.  I had to remove the 
> entire Internet Mail Service to do it.
> Now the problem is that although I have restored incoming messages to 
> working, I cant get it to let Email go out.  The two error messages 
> that I have got so far are
>             a) email address given can not be recognised
> and now after fiddling with it for a few moments I'm now getting this 
> .
>             b) message could not be delivered due to communications 
> failure
> This returns to outlook with the normal system administrator mail 
> containing the above message.
> Whats wrong?
> Any help would be appreciated as I have been contracting to them for 
> the past 2 days and this would be my finaley.
> Jamie

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