[lanse] A Question i cant fathom

  • From: "Jamie Elliott" <Jamie.Elliott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kerr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <kerr.michie@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 20:00:50 +0100

Picture this okay, cause its worth money to me to fix it. Ta
Server running exchange
ISDN Modem
Demon mail server
Kerr, just like you have at petards.
Now these guys are BAD with computers okay, we?re talking open router
onto a permanete web connection with no virus software on any machine
and oh yeah ?Fire?. What?? FIREWALL!!!!
When I started this morning, I got virus alerts everywhere.  Spent half
the day sorting that out for them and cleaning up.  The main problem is
The server runs Exchange 5.5, until I got there this morning they had no
company email getting in, and because of the w32.klez H@mm virus they
had 10000 outgoing messages not going anywhere.  
First thoughts is that the EX server was being used by people over the
internet to handle or route their mail.
I managed to get rid of the 10000 messages, that was hard as the
Microsoft exchange button marked DELETE didn?t.  I had to remove the
entire Internet Mail Service to do it.
Now the problem is that although I have restored incoming messages to
working, I cant get it to let Email go out.  The two error messages that
I have got so far are
            a) email address given can not be recognised
and now after fiddling with it for a few moments I?m now getting this ?
            b) message could not be delivered due to communications
This returns to outlook with the normal system administrator mail
containing the above message.
Whats wrong?
Any help would be appreciated as I have been contracting to them for the
past 2 days and this would be my finaley.

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