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  • Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 21:48:45 +0100

Kahn, i think is a definate good idea to have some guide like this. Im sure
questions like that which this doc would answer are asked all the time at

I suggest you dumb down some of it, particular the subnetting. Stick to
standard subnets and very quickly mention subnets can be more
complex with a link to some rfc doc for those interested.
You must mention ports and how they relate to aplications.
non routable addresses
also touch on VLANS as these are now popular at very large lan parties

how about doing it in an FAQ style and incorporating it into a larger "lan
party" FAQ ?
Im very willing to contribute! As im sure many in this list would be


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Subject: [lanse] A Little help needed :)

> Hello Peeps,
>                         Got a bit of a favour to ask of everyone who
> knows a little about networking, I have written a TCP/IP guide for the
> UKlans.com site and wondered if anyone out there could take a look and
> see if its clear or if I need to add anything, the word document can be
> found here:
> "http://www.uklans.com/content/tcp-ip.doc"http://www.uklans.com/content/
> tcp-ip.doc
> Any feedback would be a great help,
> Thanks,
> Khan
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