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Hey.  Sorry, never actually posted on this list before. Most of it is ok, 
although i would question your choice concerning which sections to go into 
detail on.  Considering it's mainly pointed at gaming you might also want to 
talk about the UDP RFC.  Maybe also tidy up the long winded bit on subnet masks 
and IP addresses, and you might want to mention local gateways for ICS.  Apart 
from that it seemed ok, with a little spelling and grammar check.  If there is 
anything wrong which i haven't noticed its probably because i read it very 
quickly. Sorry :P

Jonathan Quinn

Student at Cardiff University
Department of Computer Science

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> Hello Peeps,
>                         Got a bit of a favour to ask of everyone who
> knows a little about networking, I have written a TCP/IP guide for the
> UKlans.com site and wondered if anyone out there could take a look and
> see if its clear or if I need to add anything, the word document can be
> found here: 
> "http://www.uklans.com/content/tcp-ip.doc"http://www.uklans.com/content/
> tcp-ip.doc
> Any feedback would be a great help,
> Thanks,
> Khan
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