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  • From: koichi aritomi <aritomi@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 02:38:41 +0900

Hello, everyone, LandXML.org.

We are studying the LandXML for exchange information with the computer
between designer and site foreman. It is nice idea to write data out, which
has template of cross section, with xml format.

We have usually designed with the figure on the paper, so far. But, many
papers take a lot of space and the files of CAD data are large. It is not
important to draw the figure, but some parameter to draw is important. That
is the point to design and manage for construction.

I have a question of the LandXML.

When we are designing a road with the LDT, we put some data of template of
cross section, for example, width, slope, elevation.
But, the LandXML has not these data of template.

First of all, zone model has type of slope, width. Therefore, these data are
not straight, but separated, from the start point to the end point of the

The second, the type of slope, which has attribute of vertical value, is
number of the percent.  When we design a road with some parameters, LDT need
the value of slope as real number, not percent. The other side, the grade
has the value of gradient in type of percent.

Why dose the LandXML have no template data that has type of slope, width.
Why dose it have no different type as the gradient.

I consider that it should have the template of the cross section designed
for a road. These template data will give us a big profit when we manage
grading and paving the road with the computer instead of figure on the

I hope your some advice.

ARITOMI, Koichi,PE,Researcher,IT.Div.
National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management,Japan,zip:305-0804

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