[LandXML] Superelevation terminology

  • From: "Denis Schaffer" <Denis.Schaffer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <landxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 09:48:18 -0600

I apologize if this has been sent twice, but my first attempt didn't
seem to actually get sent

I realize that it has been there for awhile, but I was wondering where
the terminology for Superelevation stations came from?

Here is what LandXML has, and what I think would make more sense.

BeginRunoutSta - Entering runout location or beginning of super=20
BeginRunoffSta - Entering runoff location
FullSuperSta - Beginning of full super (would think that
BeginFullSuperSta would be better)
RunoffSta - End of full super ? (would think that EndFullSuperSta would
be better)
StartofRunoutSta - Exiting runoff location (would think that
EndRunoffSta would be better)
EndofRunoutSta - Exiting runout location or end of super (would think
that EndRunoutSta would be better)

It is just that there is no way to know what these values mean until you
dig into the schema and look at the documentation tags for these

It is easy to confuse BeginRunoutSta and StartofRunoutSta or
BeginRunoffSta and RunoffSta=20

Also, I was looking at the sample data for the Route202Road.xml file.

This is what it has for superelevation points

The repeated use of <RunoffSta> and <FullSuperSta> do not seem
consistent with the documentation in the schema.

By definition, in the schema, <RunoffSta> is the location where full
super ends on the exiting side of the curve, and <FullSuperSta> is the
beginning of full super at the curve entrance.

Can somebody please explain this?

Denis J. Schaffer
Bentley Systems, Inc.
(256) 774-0269

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