[LandXML] Retaining Walls and LandXML schema information mining

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 19:35:25 -0400

Sorry for the duplicate response, but wanted to share "where to find the
info" info with everyone.
I am sure someone else on the list may have additional input, but here is

I did a bit of research and RetWall was part of the original 1.0 schema.
Items added after that are better documented in the cumulative changes doc,
but the original 1.0 was 11 years ago.

In general, good places to look for info:

1. The LandXML.org mail list archive at
http://www.freelists.org/archives/landxml, goes back to 2001.
2. In the schema file itself, contains lots of notes:
3. The schema documentation files in :


Out of 5,000 LandXML files from all over the world, I found one that has a
<RetWall> element. 

Why? - it is part of a DTM surface definition source data. Pnts and
Breaklines are common, if the source data is specified - but this is rare.
A while after 1.0 was finalized, practical applications simply imported the
DTM as triangulated.
This insured the import would have the exact surface created by the other
app providing the user a consistent experience. 

Of course we figured that out after 1.0 was finalized. 
To provide the best forward/backward compatibility, I don't delete or rename
elements from the schema. 
That policy has worked out very well, but with group wide consensus I have
renamed 1 element in 12 years (it just did not make sense).

Best Regards,
Nathan Crews

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