[LandXML] ReferenceStationing to rail alignment

  • From: "Janne Porkka" <janne.porkka@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 16:12:27 +0300

Dear all,


We are preparing procedure for transferring ?alternative/reference
stationing? information in railway alignments. By this we mean the actual
rail kilometer length information (can be e.g. 999.1919 meters) that is
relevant especially in existing railways where old rail alignment serves as
the reference.


I hope that Features below under Alignments helps in understanding. It
provides internal staStart and staEnd and actual ?on rail length? values for
generating lists for each rail kilometer. This information is also
modifiable to metric/imperial units.



<Alignments desc="" name=" " state="">

      <Alignment name="yyyy" length="11381.4613" staStart="112000.0000">?.

      <Feature code="IM_referenceStationing">

            <Property label="desc" value="km posts in railway xxxx"/>

            <Property label="alignmentNameRef" value="yyyy"/>

            <Feature code="IM_referenceStation">

                  <Property label="name" value="km1"/>

                  <Property label="staStart" value="112000.0000"/>

                  <Property label="staEnd" value="113139.8080"/>

                  <Property label="length" value="1139.8080"/>


            <Feature code="IM_referenceStationing">

                  <Property label="name" value="km2"/>

                  <Property label="staStart" value="113139.8080"/>

                  <Property label="staEnd" value="114138.9999"/>

                  <Property label="length" value="999.1919"/>







I have an understanding that this information belongs to design practices in
European/Scandinavian countries. I?m looking forward to seeing solutions,
possibly already implemented ones. In case this piece of information is
really needed there is a possibility to attach it into new <railway>.<cant>
or directly under Alignments to support other than railway cases.




Best Regards,




Janne Porkka 

Research Scientist


Business and Process Management

Lämpömiehenkuja 2

P.O.Box 1800

FIN-02044 VTT, Finland

Email: Janne.Porkka@xxxxxx 



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