[LandXML] New LandXML web application and web service available

  • From: "Nathan Crews" <nathan.crews@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <landxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 22:52:37 -0600

Over the past few years I have had a great number of requests for a LandXML
graphical viewer. We have made some attempts, but now have something new to
The LandXML Validator <http://www.landxml.org/landxmlvalidator.aspx>  and
Report Generator is a new web application that allows you to explore the
data in a tree view, validates the file and can generate a detailed data
report complete with graphics. See the Web Applications
<http://www.landxml.org/SoftwareDemos.htm>  page to it out. If you get a
server error, please try the secondary server.

Also for your software engineers out there, check out the new LandXML
graphics thumbnail <http://www.landxml.org/LandXMLPreview.asmx>  and
quick-view image generator web service in action on the Sample Files
<http://www.landxml.org/LandXMLSamples.aspx>  page. You can get the service
details here <http://www.landxml.org/landxmlpreview.asmx> .

This is a work in progress so any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Nathan Crews



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