[LandXML] LandXML.org web site changes

  • From: "Nathan Crews" <nathan.crews@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <landxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 10:20:02 -0400

There have been many requests and ideas for providing more detailed information 
on the LandXML.org web site. The fact is that simply specifying an open data 
format is not quite enough, we also need to share knowledge about how to use 
it, where we can use it, what can we do with it and so on. 

Based on your feedback and ideas, the following changes have been implemented:

*       The Registered Software <http://www.landxml.org/landxmlapps.htm>  page 
now includes the software application title, web site link, contact email and 
LandXML support details document (if provided).
*       The format for the sample files 
<http://www.landxml.org/LandXMLSamplesDemos.aspx>  page now includes the file 
size and associated image files.
*       The guidelines have been expanded and the Registered Application 
Request Form <http://www.landxml.org/apprequest.htm>  now includes the ability 
to provide the LandXML support details document and image files for the LandXML 
samples provided.
*       New documentation for Spiral curve definitions has been posted on the 
Data Specifications <http://www.landxml.org/spec.htm>  page.
*       An updated LandXML-1.1 2006 Presentation is available on the Data 
Specifications <http://www.landxml.org/spec.htm>  page.

To further improve the documentation and knowledge sharing:

*       We are requesting that all software vendors that have registered 
software applications please submit a web link or document file that outlines 
the specific LandXML support in your application. We will update the Registered 
Application web site as the data becomes available.
*       3 new "perspective" web pages will be created with this basic structure:

                        End Users - What can you do with LandXML data exchange 
and how?

                                        Vendor white papers.
                                        How-to and best practices documents, 
presentations and videos.

                        Software Vendors - How to add LandXML support to 
software applications.

                                        Link to LandXML Software Development 
Kit and open source projects.
                                        Best practices for adding LandXML 
support to your software. 

                        Government Organizations - How can LandXML be leveraged 
in Government standards.

                                        Links to Governments that have already 
adopted LandXML.
                                        How-to leverage LandXML in existing or 
revised standards.

If you would like to submit a white paper, demo video or anything else 
pertinent to these new "Perspective" web pages please let me know.

Best Regards,

Nathan Crews

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