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Hi Sean,
The core of the problem lies with XML parsers and is not specific to LandXML, 
Bentley or Autodesk code.
The problem and it is related to extra carriage return characters and spaces in 
the TIN face data.
Typically LandXML apps use the following syntax:
          <F>2785 2784 1616</F>
Inroads uses a more human readable syntax:
              2785 2784 1616
While this is perfectly valid XML syntax, depending on the XML parser being 
used by the application, the extra character causes an error reading the 3 
numeric values.
I will send you a corrected LandXMLImport.dvb later today that will fix the 

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        The file validates in XML Spy, so it should be readable by LDD.
        R. W. Bradshaw
        Bentley Civil
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        A quick test is:
        Run the landxml reporting toolkit, open your bently document and try to
        run some style sheets against in (creat reports.) If it works in the
        AutoCAD LandXML reporting toolkit, then...
        If it does not work open it in Altova XML Spy Home edition and see if it
        is valid xml.
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        Hi, I am trying to figure out how to import an XML file into Land
        Desktop 2006 (all patches).  It's a real struggle on the user level to
        actually get XML to work properly.  It seems like a pretty straight
        forward concept but I can not get it to work properly from a Bentley
        product to Land Desktop.  As I understand it, Land Desktop is pretty
        much the instigators of the LandXML format.  I know XML is a loose set
        of data coding/formatting and that LandXML is trying to tighten this up
        with a set of standards.  Is this an issue between Bentley and AutoDesk?
        I emailed a Bentley official once and he seemed to indicate that
        Bentley's thoughts on XML was that it is a way to get raw data to
        another computer/cad platform as opposed to a finished surface or
        complete alignment etc...  Does this ring true?
        If anyone has any help on this I would appreciate it, or at least some
        sort of steer in the correct direction!  To recap I just want help in
        importing an XML file (a 26 mb file) purportedly from Bentley Inroads
        into Land Desktop 2006 format.
        Sean Twomey
        Dibble & Associates
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        2633 E Indian School Rd Suite 401
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