[LandXML] Initial LandXML-1.1 Working Draft Posted

  • From: "Nathan Crews" <nathan.crews@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <landxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 18:22:39 -0700

The initial LandXML-1.1 Working Draft dated November 22, 2004 has been
posted to  <outbind://9/www.landxml.org> www.landxml.org. See the <
.doc> for details. Thanks once again for all your contributions, support and
effort over the past few years. It is now time to work together once again.
Your feedback and ideas are critical to improving LandXML-1.1 and making it
even more useful than LandXML-1.0. 
One of the most important aspects of this revision is to accommodate
international requirements. LandXML.org is made up of 70% non-US
participants; making LandXML an international standard. In addition, our
collaboration with the OpenGeospatial Consortium has produced terrific and
useable results. Making a few small changes in 1.1 will enable comprehensive
CAD-to-GIS-to-CAD data exchange using LandXML and GML.

In addition to international requirements and collaboration with adjacent
standards bodies, the intent behind this revision is to make adjustments and
add support for additional data based on real world data exchange by our 40+
LandXML supported applications . There will not be any drastic model changes
that will cause significant work to update the existing applications. Unless
someone comes up with a really good reason to do so.


Current change requests based on feedback:


1.      Change <coordinateSystem> to support common EPSG coordinate system
names shared by OpenGIS and GML schemas.

2.      Clarify what is meant by "zenithAngle" in the survey data.

3.      Add support for PI based alignment definitions.

4.      Add road design cross section definitions to Alignments.

5.      Add support for non-linear road design cross section transitions.

6.      Adjust the PipeNetwork structure to better support modern hydraulic
metadata and materials such as curved pipe.

Just as with the 1.0 work any and all ideas are open to discussion and
possible inclusion if they meet some basic guidelines:

*       The change request must be useful to more than 1 or 2 software
applications (as in there will be no "one vendor" specific changes).
*       The end users and design professionals within LandXML.org also feel
the change is useful in real world scenarios.
*       The change request does not require a complete restructuring of the
schema, which will make it difficult for software vendors to accommodate.
*       The change should be able to be generalized for more than one

For those of you who joined LandXML.org after 1.0 was complete, here is how
we go about discussing and making changes:

1.      Post and announce the initial 1.1 working draft on the web site.
2.      Use the landxml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx email list to submit new ideas,
discuss changes and respond to posted changes.
3.      As changes are agreed upon, we will make the edits to the 1.1
working draft schema and post it to the landxml.org web site with the change
documentation for all to review.
4.      When a new 1.1 draft is posted it will be announced using the email
list and on the web site.
5.      Sample LandXML files posted to match the latest working draft.
6.      Go back to #2 and repeat until the group feels the draft is ready
for final posting.
7.      Voting is like discussing and will be done via the email list.

I would like to set a target of July 2005 to ratify and post the final
LandXML-1.1 schema.

I look forward our continued efforts together.


Nathan Crews
 <outbind://9/www.landxml.org> www.landxml.org

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