[LandXML] Re: AlignPI element

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 20:43:49 +0300

Dear Richard and all experts,
I noticed that unfortunately the files are not written according to
scema specifications. 
We are updating the Finnish guidelines for implementing LandXML and
therefore, I'm asking if anyone has examples from AlignPI.

Mr. Janne Porkka 
email: janne.porkka@xxxxxx 



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There is an example on the LandXML.org site.  Look at mntnroad.xml under

R. W. Bradshaw


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Does anyone have short examples on using the <AlignPI> element under


I recalled that this change was done in a way not affecting or changing
the instance data structure.


Kind Regards, 

Mr. Janne Porkka 
VTT , Finland
email: janne.porkka@xxxxxx 


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