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  • Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 08:00:03 -0500

Hi Jason,  I don't know what you have
that can be transferred to another
plane as thats what I wanted to talk
with you. The Alpha 40 comes with
a complete radio [2.4ghz] system
installed, has a decent motor in it
and has a 63in wingspan with ail-
erons. A very fine setup for a trainer.
The radio is the coming thing as there
are no crystals to fool with and no
interference from other planes that
are aready flying or from some jerk
who turns on without paying attention
to who is on what channel. You could-
nt do much better for a trainer that is
ready to fly and Hangar 9 is a very
fine company. They now have a no
shipping charge for this plane and
will stand behind their products.
A good choice but you will need a
buddy box cable too. I would order
directly from Hangar 9 on both items.
I can give you the phone #. Please
call me.     Gene
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        Hey Guys,
           Robert and I have decided that my second plane is still...NOT A 
TRAINER.  So I am going old school.  Does anyone have any feedback about the 
below trainer, i.e. is it worth the money?  I am leaning toward this one and 
the Hangar 9 Alpha 40 or 60.

        Let me know your thoughts.


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