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Hi everyone,
I'm forwarding the message sent by Hrvoje Katic in the SkypeTalking
list. We are proud to say that version 0.8 is released. Though I'm
only a localizer, hope Hrvoje doesn't mind I say "we" :-).
One more note: the Russian and Ukrainian whatsnew.txt are ready, but
it's not the case for readme.txt. Sorry.


This is a forwarded message
From: Hrvoje Katic <hrvojekatic@xxxxxxxxx>
To: skypetalking@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 11:51:12 PM
Subject: [SkypeTalking] SkypeTalking 0.8 released!

===8<==============Original message text===============
Dear friends,

Proud to release exciting new version 0.8 of SkypeTalking. This is the
fourth release, and contains lots of new features and some bug fixes and
improvements as well.
Comparing to first release from February (SkypeTalking 0.5), this is a
big step forward!
Some highlights of this new release are chat monitoring, easy way for
changing a mood text on the fly, improved support for file transfers,
better reporting of call duration, contacts manager and SMS support.
I would like to thank again to all of the contributors, as well as our
second developer Gianluca who has also made a lot of work on V0.8.
Now regarding the translations. The following translations still have to
be updated. They will unfortunately be outdated in 0.8. These are as
follows: czech, spanish, japanese, polish, portuguese and chinese.
All others are updated, including the documentation. I am just unsure
for russian and ukranian readme but whatsnew is translated.
We also simplified the installer, and jfwapi.dll is now automatically
registered, so users running 64-bit JAWS should no longer have problems
with SkypeTalking not detecting JAWS. SkypeTalking can now also be
launched with Alt+Ctrl+Shift+T hot key, which I didn't mentione in
whatsnew, so this will be updated for the next version under 0.8 section.
Everyone here on SkypeTalking mailing list was able to follow how much
work we've made on this new version, and thus every feedback is welcome.
We fixed some bugs, and some may be still present. The one problem that
we are aware of is slower performance with some commands e.g. slow
loading of contacts manager, slow reactions with end call command
(alt+ctrl+shift+end) etc. Another bug is where SkypeTalking will say New
SMS when that's in fact a new file transfer. I also experienced some
interesting problems where some events are not spoken sometimes for some
reason, so I ask myself, if they are spoken in general, then why they
are sometimes ignored for no reason, even if ignoring is off. I hope
that we will be able to address these bugs, but in general the program
should work quite well.
Here comes the complete list of new features copied from what's new
document as well as the download link for both portable and installer
versions of SkypeTalking 0.8.

New: Added the ability to monitor active chats, in other words, opened
chat windows. Use keystrokes Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Function keys F1 through F10
to set monitor on one of the last 10 active chats (press twice to bring
focus to that chat window). You can then use Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Numbers for
reading last 10 messages in currently monitored chat. Pressing
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C will announce currently monitored chat, and pressing it
twice will bring focus to that chat window.
New: Added the ability to read and/or change your Skype mood text.
Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+M will speak your current mood text, and
pressing it twice will open a dialog box that lets you change your mood
New: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+O command reports the current user online status,
and when pressed twice, will report the user's current balance on a
Skype credit.
New: Added command for speaking the current call duration, Alt+Ctrl+Shift+D.
New: Added contacts Manager, accessed with Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F11, which is
the alternative to Skype contact list. It will display your contacts in
a multi-select list box allowing you to select them with a spacebar and
perform various actions on them such as Call, Chat or View Profile. It
will also display the Last Seen information for offline contacts, which
is inaccessible with some Skype versions and to some screen readers such
as NVDA. The View Profile action will open a profile viewer that will
allow you to review the selected contact's details by using the Tab and
Shift+Tab and the arrow keys. The Call and Chat actions are
self-describing. Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F11 twice will focus the
original Skype contact list. If multiple contacts are selected, then you
will have options for creating a conference or a multi-chat.
New: Added commands for answering and ending a call, Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Home
and Alt+Ctrl+Shift+End (not on the NumPad). Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Home
during a call will toggle between hold and resume for the current call.
Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Home twice quickly will answer and join the
incoming call to a conference. Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+End twice quickly
will toggle microphone mute or unmute.
New: Added support for sending SMS with SkypeTalking. The command
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S will now open an SMS wizard which will allow you to
send SMS to any phone number. There are two dialogs, one for the phone
number and the another one for the message text. When entering a number,
use semicolons to separate multiple phone numbers and also include your
country code. If everything is correct, press Enter to continue. Next,
enter your SMS text, then press Enter or tab to Send button to send a
message, or press Escape or Cancel Button to cancel sending. While
composing a message, you can press F2 to check out your current SMS
count, how many characters you have left, and also the current SMS
price. A Critical Stop sound will play in case when there are 0
characters left in a message text.
New: Added a new option to settings dialog to automatically quit Skype
when exiting SkypeTalking. It's set to On by default.
New: Added a new option to settings dialog, "Confirm when exiting
SkypeTalking". It's turned on by default, so now when exiting
SkypeTalking, you should also confirm that you want to exit. If it's
turned off, SkypeTalking will behave like in previous versions, which
means that it will exit immediately. This option was added to prevent
users from exiting program by accident.
New: Added the ability to customize SkypeTalking keyboard shortcuts,
though currently you have to use INI file for this. The Key Bindings tab
in the Settings dialog is scheduled for the next release. If the
keyboard assignment in SkypeTalking.INI is incorrect, than the default
assignment will be used, but user will also be warned about an invalid
assignment. You can modify all keystrokes under the [shortcuts] section.
Please use this carefully, and also restart SkypeTalking if the changes
didn't take affect immediately.
New: Added languages: Danish and French.
Changed: Read last chat message command changed from Alt+Ctrl+Shift+M to
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R. Also when pressed twice, will move the focus and
monitor to that chat.
Changed: Exit SkypeTalking command changed from Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F4 to
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Q (for Quit).
Changed: The Settings Dialog command changed from Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S to
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+P (for Preferences).
Changed: Removed taskbar icon. You can now use associated SkypeTalking
commands instead of the right-click menu.
Changed: API wrapper version is now spoken when pressing
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+V twice, since this information is not useful for the end
Improved: call duration is now reported in hours, minutes and seconds.
Improved: Added file transfer speed and data transferred information to
File Transfer Status command (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F).
Improved: SkypeTalking will no longer allow multiple instances running
at the same time, and it will reproduce a Ding sound if the user tries
launching another instance of SkypeTalking by accident while it's in memory.
Improved: If the critical error happens while loading SkypeTalking, an
error tone will be played from your PC speaker. Please inform the
developers about this as soon as it happens.
Bugfix: SkypeTalking will no longer ignore contacts that haven't set
their full names, and it'll speak their Skype Id's instead. Thus, you
will no longer hear something like "Skype: is online".
Bugfix: When opening settings dialog, the focus is now properly set to
Language Combo Box.
Bugfix: In settings dialog, the Ok and Cancel buttons are no longer
bypassed when navigating with Shift+Tab.

Download links:
SkypeTalking 0.8 installation program:
SkypeTalking 0.8 portable version:

Feel free to forward this email to other mailing lists, including
SkypeEnglish, NVDA etc.
Also join me on the inovations show  on The Global Voice radio where I
will be presenting SkypeTalking to the listeners soon.

Greetings from Croatia/Zagreb,

Hrvoje Katic - SkypeTalking president

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