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Kids Together Email Newsletter              
                    "promoting inclusive communities where all people belong"
                    October 2007 Newsletter
                     Please notify us to receive this newsletter in text only.
                    This list consists of over 3000 people (and growing!) 
                    Suggestions for newsletter items are welcome! 
                    "If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help 
make the world safe for diversity." 
                    ~ John F. Kennedy ~

                    Get Ready to Celebrate Inclusion!
                    Inclusive Schools Week! December 3rd-7th

                    Go to http://www.inclusiveschools.org/kit.asp to find 
materials that will provide ample ideas to assist you in planning for Inclusive 
Schools Week, including publications that speak to the benefits of inclusive 
schools, a lengthy list of celebration ideas and lesson plans, and materials to 
use in promoting the Week and inclusive practices in your community
                      In Pennsylvania all schools were sent "Welcome All" 
packets of posters and booklets to share lesson plans and resources regarding 
inclusive practices. You should see a "Welcome All" poster  in every school 
building,  if not, please write to staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so we can organize a 
list of schools. Download and print out the letter from the state Secretary of 
Education, Gerald Zahorchak, sent to every superintendent in the state at 
http://www.kidstogether.org/welcomeltr.pdf This letter directs superintendents 
to ask "each" building principal to place the posters in a prominent area where 
they will receive maximum exposure, take it with you to talk with them, or 
contact the state. Keep inclusion moving!


                    Moving Forward with Technology
                    Free Webinars
                    Don Johnston 

                    The Moving Forward with Technology Webinar Series is an 
outreach collaboration between Don Johnston Incorporated and the  Center for 
Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd), a project funded by the U.S. 
Department of Education. This webinar series delivers key information about 
implementing technology in education. Sessions are presented live and online by 
national leaders in the field. October - NIMAS: Implementation Issues and 
Solutions. November/ December - Differentiating Instruction with Technology. 
January - Technology Decision Makers Hold Keys to Successful Implementation. 
February - The Role of Technology in Response to Intervention (RtI). March - 
Finding the Technology that Supports Reading, Math and Writing Instruction. 
April - The Assistive Technology Planner: A Guide for Implementing AT. May - 
Evaluating Your Technology Implementation Program.


                    Free Access to Books



                    Incredible news! The Office of Special Education Programs 
of the U.S. federal Department of Education made a major five-year award of $32 
million to Bookshare.org. This will further the objectives of the Individuals 
with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), by supplying high quality textbooks and 
educational materials to students with special needs. 


                    This funding is to fully support all schools and students 
26 years and under with qualifying print disabilities in the United States, 
K-12 and post-secondary, with access to the entire Bookshare.org collection of 
accessible electronic books and to software for reading those books.  As of 
October 1, 2007, Bookshare.org will cease charging these schools and students 
anything to join Bookshare.org as members.


                    Bookshare is expecting to add 100,000 new educational books 
and materials to their existing collection of over 34,000 titles in high 
quality DAISY and Braille formats over the next five years, getting students 
the terrific quality textbooks they need for academic success!


                    In Pennsylvania

                    Your Help is Needed to Get Paraprofessionals Qualified!
                    Chapter 14 regulations need your comments now! Urgent!

                    Chapter 14 regulations are Pennsylvania's regulations of 
special education services and programs. While many positive changes were 
included in revisions since the original draft, advocates are encouraged to 
read the proposed version and continue to send comments to the State Board 
supporting positive outcomes and supports for students with disabilities. Send 
them this week!!!
                    The best way to ensure the positive changes remain in the 
regulations is to send comments! Send your stories of what has happened because 
of paras being untrained. The decisions to raise the qualifications from only a 
high school diploma and criminal background check to  2 years of higher 
education can be based on the number of people they hear from. Even if you 
don't have a compelling story, simply write that you support the 2 years of 
higher education requirement.
                    The State Board of Education needs to hear from many 
families very quickly about the critical need for paraprofessionals to have 
higher qualifications. We all know that aides can make or break the student's 
success. Without proper educations and skills they.can inhibit progress and add 
to behavior issues. Rarely are adequate supervision or training provided. The 
children need this!
                    Send your comments today!
                    STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION
                    333 Market Street
                    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
                    Voice:  717-787-3787
                    E-Mail 00statbd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                    If you can attend, there is a committee meeting on 
Thursday, November 1, 2007 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in Heritage Room B, Lobby 
Level, 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA. The purpose is to discuss revisions 
to Chapter 14. Chapter 16 will not be discussed at this meeting. 


                     In Pennsylvania

                    Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
                    Calendar of events

                    The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University is 
providing a series of Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking 
(C2P2) courses on Inclusive education and on Transition. The Pennsylvania's 
Initiative on Assistive Technology is facilitating one-day trainings across the 
state on The Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP).  Also listed 
in the events are The Mini Course Series on Transition for November 8th & 9th.  
Visit this page often for trainings that are researched based and best practice.

                    Don't miss the upgraded lending library now with pictures, 
descriptions, and similar items 

                    Information and registration forms for events are available 
online as a PDF and a Word Documents.


                    Sponsors are needed to help raise funds for awareness, 
education and research on lung cancer, and to show support for one our great 
advocates! The Free to Breathe 5k will be held Nov 4th. Consider being a 
sponsor, your pledge is tax deductible and goes to a great cause!

                    Did you know that in the last decade there has been an 
increase in the number of young, healthy, non-smoking women with lung cancer?  
Did you know that more Americans are effected each year from lung cancer than 
from breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers COMBINED?


                    The Parent Side (tm)
                    T-shirts, cards, magnets mugs, stickers & more!
                    It's a campaign for inclusion and against exclusion! 

                    Keep The Parent Side #1 in the top 100!!!!
                    Help keep The Parent Side #1 of the top 100 stores on the 
"Fun T-shirts Top 100 Shops" website. How cool to have a disabilities rights 
shop at the top! Get your family and friends to help vote! Use the this link 
http://funtshirts.top-site-list.com/vote182.html  or follow the link from The 
Parent Side

                    Featured Design
                    HAPPINESS IS BEING INCLUDED!

                    New design on a large variety of products, including black 
and dark tees. Makes a great gift for students, friends, parents or teachers!  
                    (note - graphics are clear on products. All graphics are 

                    Diversity! A colorful fun design features ten young 
teenagers holding cards that spell out "DIVERSITY". Each person has a different 
color shirt with letters spelling out diversity. Various differences are 
clearly depicted, such as a person who uses a wheelchair, race and religion. 
There are also other subtle differences. The words "Living", "Learning", 
"Playing" and "Working Together" appear under the people, or within a border 
depending on the item. .
                    Link: http://www.cafepress.com/theparentside/2835077

                    Get It Your Way!
                    If you want a t-shirt with a certain design on the front 
(small or big) and another design on the back (small or big), or the same 
design on both sides and it doesn't appear in the store, drop me a line!
                    If you haven't visited in a while, check out the new 
products and lots of designs!!!! Don't forget to vote for theparentside.com  As 
always, comments, suggestions or questions are welcomed.  


                    Resources are listed for general information purposes only
                    Kids Together does not endorse products, services, or 
provide any legal advice

                    Kids Together, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 
                    We support the belief that children with disabilities, like 
all children, 
                    have the need to be welcomed, cherished and embraced in our 

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