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Kids Together Email Newsletter              
                    "promoting inclusive communities where all people belong"
                    MARCH 2006 Newsletter
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                    This list consists of over 3000 people (and growing!) 
                    Suggestions for newsletter items are welcome!
                    "No otherwise qualified handicapped [sic] individual in the 
                     States shall, solely by reason of his handicap [sic] , be 
                    from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be
                    subjected to discrimination under any program or activity
                    receiving federal financial assistance."
                    " Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504 of Title V ~

                    A market place for assistive technology and durable medical 

                    Atmatch.com is a service developed specifically for 
individuals with disabilities and their families and friends. It is set up very 
similar to Ebay with auctions for sellers to sell and buyers to bid. Categories 
are: Aids for Daily Living; Automotive; Books; Communication;Computers and 
Peripherals; Environmental Controls; Hearing; Home & Hobby Accessories; 
Mobility; Positioning; Recreation Aids; Software; Switches & Accessories; Toys; 
Vision; Worksite Modifications. As an introductory service, listing fees are 
being waived until March 27th. Registration is required.


                    In Pennsylvania
                    Letters and Calls to Pa State Board of Education
                    Chapter 49 Teacher Certification Proposals. Immediate 
Action Needed! 
                    Letters or calls needed prior to meeting on March 15th!

                    Help ensure that PA teachers are well prepared to teach 
students with disabilities and English Language Learners. Write or call the 
state board which is considering new rules on teacher preparation at it's March 
15-16 meeting. The Education Law Center and the Teacher Quality Coalition are 
urging stronger requirements pertaining to the teaching of children with 
disabilities, English language learners and other "diverse learners." We need 
your help!  To get involved 
 (Adobe .pdf file 1 page)  or contact Baruch Kintisch. 


                    Snoopi Botten
                    Available for concerts and talks
                    A singer, performer, artist, writer, reporter, poet, 
corporate consultant, 
                    and example of independence 
(homepage)http://www.dectalksings.com/order.html  (online store)

                    Snoopi is an independent adult. He was born with cerebral 
palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility and a communication device for 
speaking and singing. He programs songs for a synthesized speech program called 
Dectalk, does performances, and provides music for other AAC users. He has 
created audio, music and software CD's. He also takes requests! Please send 
sheet music if possible. You can read about Snoopi's life at his home page 


                    Gaskin v. Pennsylvania Department of Ed
                    A class action suit about inclusive education in 
Pennsylvania, implications could be far reaching across the country. 
                      a.. Pilocop Pennsylvania's Public Interest Law Center 
(lead attorneys for the plaintiff)          http://www.pilcop.org/dis_edu.mpl
                      b.. Pennsylvania Department of Education's "What's New?" 
information on the settlement 
                      c.. Pattan - Training and Technical Assistance - 
Handouts, Powerpoint slides 
                      d.. AOL Blog  to share information about the 
implementation of the settlement 
                      e.. Settlement Agreement (Adobe .pdf file 46 pages) 
                        b.. http://www.pilcop.org/gaskin_settlement.pdf
                      f.. Report card - For Pennsylvania Parents - Grade Your 


                    In Pennsylvania
                    PEAL Center
                    The Parent Education and Leadership Center

                    The Parent Education and Leadership Center is a resource 
for families seeking an appropriate education for their children. It is funded 
by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education programs. The 
director Liz Healey is an  education advocate and parent of a child with 
disabilities. The center provides training, information and technical 
assistance to help parents in Western and Central Pennsylvania become more 
effective advocates for their children. Its overarching mission is to ensure 
that children, youth and adults with disabilities lead rich, active lives and 
participate as full members of communities and schools. 

                    PEAL Center, 1119 Penn Ave., Suite 400, Downtown 
Pittsburgh, 412-422-1040 or 866-950-1040 (toll-free & TTY).


                    IEP and Inclusion Tips 
                    For Parents and Teachers
                    coauthors Anne Eason, Inclusion attorney & Kathleen 
Whitbread, associate professor

                    This book features 127 helpful tips focusing on IEP and 
inclusion processes. Written from the parent perspective, it looks at inclusion 
research and practice that help students succeed in and out of school. 
                    Includes chapters on: Getting prepared for IEP meetings, 
creating legally correct and educationally sound IEPs, ensuring access to the 
general curriculum; tracking IEP progress and forming effective family/school 
partnerships. A great way to get parents, teachers and administrators to have 
shared goals. Available as Master and Handout versions plus a Package with one 
Master and 10 Handouts. 


                    The Parent Side (tm)
                    T-shirts, cards, magnets mugs, stickers & more!
                    It's a campaign for inclusion and against exclusion! 

                    Great gifts for everyone, children, adults, advocates, 
self-advocates, professionals and families. Give a unique gift to the advocate 
who supported you or reward yourself and make a statement! Tote bags, bibs, 
mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, buttons, magnets, posters, hats and 
more! Designs that speak!  New bumpers stickers! New designs!
                    Sale $4 off $40 till March 14th (Enter coupon code March4 
at checkout)


                    Resources are listed for general information purposes only
                    Kids Together does not endorse products, services, or 
provide any legal advice

                    Kids Together, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 
                    We support the belief that children with disabilities, like 
all children, 
                    have the need to be welcomed, cherished and embraced in our 

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