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Hi All -
Thank you Margaret for opening your home to all of us. I understand the next 
movie night is June 14th but I'm not sure what time the movie is going to start.
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thanks so much for sending this--it sounds fascinating!
On May 20, 2012, at 9:55 AM, Margaret Bayless wrote:Eve and the Fire Horse,
 the feature film debut of Sundance short films vet Julia Kwan, is a 
magical, elegiac view of life, death and religion as seen through the 
eyes of a nine-year-old Chinese girl living in Canada in the 1970s. Eve 
Eng (newcomer Phoebe Kut, in a remarkably nuanced and natural 
performance) was born in 1966, the Year of the Fire Horse, considered an
 unlucky year for a child to be born. Fire Horse children are said to be
 strong-willed, Eve tells us in voiceover, and therefore undesirable, 
and were often drowned in the river as soon as they were born. The 
river, says Eve, is full of the spirits of the drowned Fire Horses. 
In Eve's household, her grandmother upholds the traditions of 
Buddhism, filling the water offering bowls daily and performing rituals.
 As the film opens, Eve's mother, May Lin (Vivian Wu) chops down the 
apple tree in the family's backyard; it is considered bad luck to chop 
down an apple tree, like severing a cord . . . .

>>>  05/16/12 10:59 PM >>>

Hi Margaret,Yes, thanks for hosting the movie nights. 7:00 works for me also as 
I can't get there earlier. Is Eve and the Fire Horse one of the movies that has 
to do with Buddhism?Thanks,Laurel

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To find my home head north from Eugene on Coburg Rd, then East on Harlow toward 
Gateway.  You will enter the Bertha Holt Elementary school zone.  At the end of 
the play ground on your left is a fence and Calvin St.  Turn left onto Calvin 
and come down past at least three streets coming in on your left.  There is a 
small white fence in a yard and my driveway is right across the street on the 
right.  1105 Calvin St. You can park in the driveway.

>>> Linda Oppenheimer 05/15/12 8:35 PM >>>
Can you resend directions to your house?  Thanks.   Linda

On May 15, 2012, at 12:56 PM, Margaret Bayless wrote:

Dear film group: Let's watch "Eve and the Fire Horse" (if I can find it) on 
6/14.  I think it is around 90 minutes, which is a little long. But if we're 
going to watch films, we'll need to figure out how to give ourselves enough 
time for most films that are at least 80 minutes long and still have time for 

I'm suggesting arrival at 6:30 and film start at 6:45.  If you need to come in 
later, we'll save a few seats to one side. I have plenty of food and tea le ft 
over from last time.

After our first-night discussion, to honor different requests, let's have some 
nights be a film specifically dealing with Buddhism and others that are not 
strictly a Buddhist focus but have potential Buddhist themes that we can 
consider during discussion.  Group members can decide on their attendance based 
on personal interest in the film to be shown.

Suggestions are welcome.  Margaret


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