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Hey everybody! That's right, we're still alive and kicking. We wanted to give everyone a head's up on a couple of shows that we're doing this month.

The first is a very special "reunion" show of sorts. As you may or may not know, Randy hasn't been playing with us much lately because of a new job. However, we're going to be able to do a show together next Saturday, July 8th, at Gonzo's (7 Main St. in Lockport, 438-5765, www.gonzosbar.com). Same deal as always, 21+ and no cover. We'll start about 11 or 11:30 pm and play until they shut us down. We're really excited about getting the "old" band back together again and hope that you'll all be able to join us for the party.

The second is a repeat of something we did last year, the Becker Farms Winery Bash. In addition to awesome pies, backed goods, and fresh produce, Becker Farms (3760 Quaker Rd. in Gasport, 772-2211, www.beckerfarms.com) also makes it's own wine and damn is it tasty. This is part of an event sponsored by the Niagara Wine Trail where you buy a glass at one winery on the trail and then can tour them all sampling wines along the way. It was a great time last year and should be again this year. As of now, we are scheduled to be playing Saturday, July 22nd, from 4-7 pm. However, we may also be back on Sunday, July 23rd, for a second helping earlier in the afternoon. Mark your calendars and spread the word- we'll be sending out more info soon.

We've also got to mention the 13th Annual Blind Baby's Holiday (Freedom Park, Drum Rd. in Hartland, 417-1789, www.blindbabysholiday.com, www.myspace.com/blindbabysholiday). This year's festival will be held from August 11-13th with great live local and regional music every night. If you've been then you know, and if you haven't don't miss out. This is one of the best live music and camping festivals in the area. We'll be hitting the stage about 9 pm on Friday night. Check the Blind Baby's websites or contact us for ticket info.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.
The Barnyard

PS: Our website is still seriously outdated so don't rely on anything posted there. We're doing our best to get it updated ASAP.

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