Thanks- Hope to See You All April 23rd

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  • Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 17:24:37 -0400

A quick "thank you" to those of you that joined us at the Green Buffalo Pub 
Saturday night. We had a really great time and hope that you all did too. A 
special thanks to DJ Joe for filling the airwaves before we started and 
during the setbreak... we hope that he will join us again soon. We'd also 
like to welcome those of you that are new to this mailing list... thanks for 
signing up!

Our next show is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23rd, at McGarret's, located 
on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo. Show will begin around 10:30 PM. $2.25 Saranac 
drafts ALL night! We'll hit you up with a few more reminders in the coming 
weeks but be sure to drop by the website,, as well. 
More shows for the remainder of the Spring will be announced soon.

Speaking of the website... work continues on our new site. We hope to have 
it up and running by the end of this month. This new website WILL require 
Flash for proper viewing. No worries though... Flash can easily be 
downloaded and installed, for FREE, by copying and pasting the follwing link 
into your web browser:

or go to and search under "flash 6".

Thanks again,
The Barnyard

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